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Choosing Between Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine

People who are planning to install a pool can choose between saltwater and chlorine. Each option provides it own strengths and weaknesses, meaning that research is needed to ensure interested individuals choose the one best for their particular needs and wants.

Chlorine pools need chlorine tablets on a regular basis to keep the water clean and safe enough for the entire family to swim. Technically, salt water pools use chlorine fo… Read more »

Get Your Big Green Egg in Time for Football Season

Tailgate like a pro this football season with the Big Green Egg – the ultimate outdoor cooking machine!

At first glance, figuring out what exactly the Big Green Egg is can be challenging – after all, it’s like no other grill on the market. This kamado-style ceramic cooker is a charcoal grill, smoker and oven all in one compact, premium-quality package.

The egg comes in seven sizes ranging from the XXL EGG, whic… Read more »

Cool Down with a Yeti Cooler

In the Florida heat, it is important that you have ways of keeping yourself cool, especially yeti-coolerwhen outdoors. Whether you’re out camping or spending the day at the beach, stay chill with a Yeti Cooler. With guaranteed ice retention and waterproof seals, your drinks and other temperature-sensitive items are sure to stay cool and dry; no matter how hot it gets. Here are some clever tips on how to beat the heat outdoors this summer… Read more »

The Importance of a Pool Skimmer

Pool skimmers are essential equipment for all residential pool owners. These filters help keep the water in your pool clean for better hygiene and to extend the life of your pool.

Pool Skimmer Overview

The role of a pool skimmer is to trap large floating debris before they can settle to the bottom. Pool skimmers catch things like leaves, bugs, twigs, dirt, petals, hair, pollen, and sunscreen oil… Read more »

Benefits of Water Workouts

Water workouts are an engaging way to lose weight, stay fit and healthy, build endurance and have fun.

Health Benefits of Water Workouts

Exercise delivers proven health benefits with a positive impact on your cardiovascular health, body strength, stamina, attitude, and much more. When you choose water workouts, you can reap these benefits with additional advantages.

Water environmen… Read more »

Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

If you’ve been thinking about an above ground pool as the summer here in Jacksonville approaches, now is the perfect time to act. These days, above ground pools, are equipped with many of the same features as their in-ground counterparts, and often carry special benefits as well. You can get all the summertime relaxation as you would with an in-ground pool, but with lower cost and less main… Read more »

Maintaining your Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools are a popular option for those of us in Florida looking to escape the summer heat. So now that you’re the proud owner of one, you need to know how to maintain it! Keeping your investment in top shape requires some effort, but the results are well worth it.

These few simple steps will help you enjoy your above ground pool for years to come.

SanitizingRead more »

How to Extend the Service Life of Your Home Spa

A home spa can be an investment for your health and your home. Not only does a spa provide the comfort and pampering you hope to have out of life, but it reduces stress, increases circulation, provides healthy skin, offers pain relief, and more.

As a financial investment for your home, you want your spa to last as long as possible. There are ways to get your home spa to last longer, such as mainta… Read more »

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