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Choosing Your Vinyl Pool Liner

If you have a pool, vinyl lining is a must have. It offers a smooth texture and keeps your water from leaking due to the durability of the material. Vinyl is definitely a great option when choosing your liner, but it still raises an important question of how to choose the right vinyl liner. There are many varied factors at play to be aware of when choosing the right liner for you.

ThicknessRead more »

How to Pick the Best Jacuzzi for You

Becoming the owner of a jacuzzi is rewarding. You have access to a personal spa at all times with relaxation at your fingertips. Many people desire the hot tub lifestyle but are unaware of the thought process that should come before purchasing one. Here are a few considerations you should have before picking your jacuzzi, to ensure you find the one that suits all your needs … Read more »

4 Reasons You Need a Yeti Cooler for Summer

Yeti coolers have become a status symbol, and a well–deserved one at that. With summer coming quickly, Yeti coolers are a must have for your summer festivities. Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in a Yeti Cooler this summer:

  1. Ice Retention

While you are outdoors in the summer heat, you want to soak up the sun while keepi… Read more »

The Health Benefits of a Spa

Often thought of as a luxury item, spas can be used to improve overall health. Though overlooked, a spa can aid you in achieving a healthy mind and body by simply sitting back and relaxing. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from a spa:

Relaxation – The hot water combined with the bubbling creates a soothing effect on the body that both calms you while reducing stress… Read more »

Stepping up your Pool Game

Pool and billiards are some of the most popular games for hobbyists, which should explain why so many American homes have pool tables in them. It can, however, be frustrating to get really, truly good at.

Here are a few tips to become a true billiards expert and step up your pool game:

Practice Makes Perfect

This one may seem obvious, but truly the only way to get to the top of your pool game is to simply log… Read more »

The Benefits of Jacuzzis

Most people who have experienced a good soak in a jacuzzi would consider it to be an enjoyable experience. From a romantic toast with a few glasses of champagne to killer relief from muscle aches, jacuzzis present a fun social opportunity with a myriad of health benefits.

Post-Injury Recovery

One of the most satisfying feelings after a tough workout, a long hike or painful muscle injury is soaking in a jacuzzi. The warm Read more »

Stay Fit on Budget with Swim Spas

If  you are trying to decide between a swim spa and a swimming pool, there are a number swim spas orlandoof reasons that selecting a swim spa is the best decision. For one, swim spas are much more economical to build. An in-ground pool is going to cost at minimum twenty thousand dollars. There are pool kits for around eight thousand, but these don’t take into account preparation and other costs. Not only do in-… Read more »

Building the In-Ground Pool of Your Dreams

Building the in-ground pool of your dreams begins with the desire to do something special. Luxury swimming pool and exterior of villa in SpainA special pool is a custom pool, built with all the bells and whistles. You have the power to add anything you want from pool slides to waterfalls, cozy coves and grottos, even a wall of fire.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Custom in-ground pools are a reflection of their owners and say a lot about their personality. If you can… Read more »

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