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7" Ledge 52" Wall Height and 30 Warranty

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The 7″ Ledge 52″ Wall Height and 30 Warranty is the best swimming pool available today because it offers the best way of beating the heat and making the family to have fun. This is the pool for you if you want to always relax in water. If you also love to swim, the pool enables you to make your dream come true at the backyard.

If you want to know why this pool is considered the best in the industry, these are its cool features:

  • It has two resin covers; each of them being 7 inches long
  • Galvanized steel of 52 inches. This is to help in strengthening the wall through deep corrugation
  • Extruded resin ledges of 7 inches each. They are non-corrosive and resistant to acid rain through UV inhibitors
  • It has resin bottom rails and galvanized steel top rails.
  • Galvanized steel verticals of 6 inches each. One important thing with this pool is that the verticals are enamel-painted
  • Has hardware made of stainless steel
  • Top plates made of steel and bottom plates made of resin

There are two different sizes of 7″ Ledge 52″ Wall Height and 30 Warranty available today – round and oval. The sizes of the round ones are 12 ft, 15 ft, 18 ft, 21 ft, 24 ft , 27 ft, 30 ft, 33 ft, while the ones for the oval are:

  • 18 ft x 45 ft Oval
  • 18 ft x 33 ft Oval
  • 16 ft x 32 ft Oval
  • 15 ft x 30 ft Oval
  • 15 ft x 24 ft Oval
  • 15 ft x 21 ft Oval
  • 12 ft x 24 ft Oval
  • 12 ft x 18 ft Oval

If you buy any of these sized today, you will be provided a 30-year limited warranty. This is a good thing because you don’t need to be afraid of terms like “product not as described”, “product not working” or “water leakage discovered.”