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Signature Spas

Signature S-6

Signature S-6 is an Inteli-Heat regulating Titanium Smart Heater. With neck/shoulder therapy jetting, MP3 audio with subwoofer and 2 speakers, with optional Blue Tooth enabled. [….]

Signature S-12

The S-12 is a 5 seat 220 volt Signature Spa with 1 stainless LED light and 12 LED perimeter lights.[…]

Signature SS-1

Signature SS-1 is a 4 seat round shaped spa. It is a durable white acrylic sheet with quality heat and 7 colored LED light.[…]

Signature SS-5

This signature spa seats 6 with the hydro-therm system and 5 LED Perimter lighting. The water capacity is 350 gallons and can hold as much as 750 lbs.[…]

Signature S-7

The S-7 has a variety of included items such as a waterfall, perimeter LED lighting package, and is MP3 ready with built-in Speakers & Sub-Woofers.[…]

Signature S-13

Signature Spa 13 can sit 6 and provides a water capacity of 450 gallons. The total amount of weight in this spa is 1025 lbs.[…]

Signature S-14

S-14 is a 6 seat with water capacity of 425 gallons of water. The maximum weight is 950 lbs. and has 62 stainless steel jets.[…]

Signature Spa 12" Swim Spa

The Signature 12” Swim Spa can provide seating for 3 and hold a capacity of 1,000 gallons of water. The weight total for the 12” spa is 2,300 lbs. and has 35 jets with 4 additional swim lane jets.[…]

Signature Spa 16" Swim Spa

This 16” Swim Spa has seating for 3 and can hold a max weight of 2,700 lbs. and a water capacity of 1,300 gallons.[…]

Signature S-11000


Signature - S-10000

Signature – S-10000

Signature - SS-5 PLUS

Signature – SS-5 PLUS

Signature - SS-5

Signature – SS-5

Signature - SS-4

Signature – SS-4

Signature - S-3 PLUS

Signature – S-3 PLUS

Signature - SS-3

Signature – SS-3

Signature - SS-2

Signature – SS-2