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Sundance Spa – 880 Series

Maxxus 880 Series

Maxxus Spas is one of the most popular hot tubs and is one of the most luxurious portable spas in the world. The full body lounge with wrist jets and 65 total jets within the spa for a relaxing experience. The Maxxus spa is great for entertainment and as a therapeutic retreat.

Aspen Spas - 880 Series

Aspen spas are one of the top hot tubs you will get from the Sundance 880 series. As one of the most luxurious spas you will be able to enjoy the hydrotherapy and entertaining aspects available with the Aspen hot tub.

Optima Spas - 880 Series

Optima spas are produced by Sundance Spas and provide you with an entertaining and therapeutic hot tub that everyone can enjoy. The AquaTerrace waterfall and SunGlow LED lighting cycle through a variety of color palettes to enhance the overall experience. Enjoy the Optima spa that sits 6 to 7 adults and 47 jets in this beautiful hot tub.

Cameo Spas - 880 Series

The Cameo spas are the best buy premium hot tub developed by Sundance Spas. As one of the most popular models this 6 person hot tub provides you with total body massage with wrist jets and jetted footwell. There are 54 total jets available throughout the spa to provide the full body massage.

Majesta Spas - 880 Series

If you are looking for a top of the line hot tub the Majesta developed by Sundance Spas will provide that for you. The 880 series is one of the best built spas in the industry. You can sit between 5 and 6 adults in the Majesta spa. You will also find an elevated cool down seat placed in this hot tub that you will not find in any other tubs.

Altamar Spas - 880 Series

Enjoy the 5 to 6 adult Altamar hot tub developed by Sundance Spas. Sit back and have family and friends join you for a relaxing and entertaining hydromassage hot tub that will make everyone envious of your purchase.

Marin Spas - 880 Series

Marin Spas provide you with a side by side hot tub experience where you can enjoy cascading splashes from the AquaTerrace waterfall. The Marin spa is a relaxing space where you can retreat and enjoy the moments presented by the spa. With 4 to 5 adults you can enjoy a great evening with your friends and enjoy the soothing and calming atmosphere provided by the Marin hot tub.

Capri Spas - 880 Series

Capri spas provide you with a 2 to 3 person spa that fits perfectly in a corner of your backyard. With 31 total jets and 8 varieties you can enjoy a relaxing experience within the hot tub. If you are in search for a high level hot tub you are going to find it with the Capri spas.