4 Ways a Hot Tub Can Help With Weight Loss

4 Ways a Hot Tub Can Help With Weight Loss

4 Ways a Hot Tub Can Help With Weight Loss

You’re probably already aware of the many health benefits of home spas, but did you know that they can also help with losing extra pounds? Whether you want to burn some calories while you relax or fit in a full workout, here are four ways that you can meet your health and wellness goals with your home spa.

Promote Sleep

Trouble sleeping might not seem connected to weight loss, but it can lead to issues with appetite control, reduction in exercise performance, and high stress. If you’re having trouble sleeping, don’t reach for your favorite midnight snack. Instead, try spending a little bit more time in your hot tub. By allowing your pores to open, muscles to heal, and mind to relax, you’ll be preparing your body for a full night of sleep.

Improve Stretching

Soaking in your spa is great for relieving muscle tension and soreness, and it can also help to strengthen your muscles. While your muscles are warmed, they’re going to have improved circulation, which will make it easier to stretch and prevent injury. You can use your hot tub to enhance your flexibility by practicing a few simple stretches and working your way to more difficult ones.

Burn Calories

When you’re relaxing in a spa, you don’t even have to use your muscles for them to be stimulated, and this unprompted activity causes gradual fat loss. Although you won’t burn as many calories as you would with an hour of cardio, as little as 15 minutes in the spa can help you reach your fitness goals.

Exercise Effectively

Whether you want to lose weight while fighting health issues or just want a low-impact exercise option, a hot tub is the answer. With less stress on your joints, you can move freely and enjoy some exercise moves that are still effective. Some popular and low-stress spa exercises include:

  • Arm Lifts

    With your arms under water, lift them out from your sides and back down in a continuous motion.

  • Shoulder Rolls

    With your shoulders under water, roll them backwards and forwards in a circular pattern.

  • Torso Twists

    With your shoulders under water, grab your right knee with your opposite hand and twist to the right side. Repeat with your left knee while using the opposite hand.

  • Bicycles

    While regularly sitting in your hot tub, extend your legs to the center and slightly lift them off the bottom. Rotate them in a circular motion to simulate riding a bike.

A gym membership isn’t the only way for health and wellness to become a reality. Both experienced athletes and casual trainers have found results from using a home spa. For more information on how you can use a home spa to meet and maintain your fitness goals, contact our team at Unique Pools, Spas, & Billiards by calling us at (407) 296-6776.

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