Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

If you’ve been thinking about an above ground pool as the summer here in Jacksonville approaches, now is the perfect time to act. These days, above ground pools, are equipped with many of the same features as their in-ground counterparts, and often carry special benefits as well. You can get all the summertime relaxation as you would with an in-ground pool, but with lower cost and less maintenance.

Here are some great benefits of owning an above-ground pool.


One of the most attractive benefits of an above ground pool over an in-ground option is cost. The smaller size of above ground pools means that fewer chemicals are needed to maintain the water, and less maintenance equipment is required. During the colder months, the expense of heating the water is lower as well, as the smaller body of water heats quicker, and the sun is able to heat it more effectively than an in ground pool naturally.


As compared to an in ground pool which requires the use of heavy equipment to dig a large hole in your backyard followed by thousands of dollars in construction, an above ground pool is a breeze to install. They typically take about a day to install, and you can even undertake the job on your own if you’re handy around the house.


Because the edge of the pool is raised high above the ground, it’s much more difficult for small children or pets to fall in. Additionally, your above ground pool can be covered easily when not in use.


Don’t be fooled by the lower cost of an above ground pool setup, as they now come packed with many of the same features as their in-ground counterparts. You can have everything from diving boards, to water fountains, to decks surrounding the edge of your above ground pool to make your swimming experience that much better.

With over 30 years of experience in the pool and spa industry, you can trust Unique to help you get your pool in top shape. Contact us today at 407-296-6776 to learn more about above ground pool options, and speak with one of our experts about which would best suit your needs!

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on Jun 26, 2017