Benefits to Heating Your Florida Pool During Winter

Benefits to Heating Your Florida Pool During Winter

Although you would think Floridians get to enjoy their pools year-round, the shorter days Heated Pooland cooler nights can keep us from fully enjoying the water. Heating your pool during winter will allow you to swim comfortably even when the sun goes down, ensuring you’ll make the most out of your pool experience every season.

Keep Comfortable

Keep your pool heated when you plan on using it on a regular basis for recreation, exercise, therapy, or general enjoyment. For the maximum comfort of young children to the elderly, a good temperature to keep your pool on is 78 degrees Fahrenheit to 82 degrees Fahrenheit; although how warm you decide to keep your pool depends on your personal preference.

Extended Swimming

The sun can’t keep your pool water at a comfortable 78 degrees Fahrenheit on its own, but by having the help of a water heater, you’ll be able to swim safely and comfortably even when the outside temperature begins to fall. For mild winters, like the ones we experience in Florida, you can extend your swimming season to last all year. 

Health Benefits

Swimming is a wonderful way to get exercise for people of all ages because it is a low impact aerobic workout. Older adults or those who have joint problems, find it is especially relaxing to swim in the warm water where their muscle soreness and joint stiffness is not as painful.


Pool heat pumps do not generate heat, but instead, use electricity to capture heat and move it from one place to another. For those living in sunny states, a heat pump is one of the best options for heating your pool because they offer a great balance between performance and energy efficiency. Some pros to using a heat pump are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Energy-efficient
  • All-weather performance
  • Long lifespan

If you’re considering getting a heat pump for your pool, it’s best to work with a trained pool professional to ensure you get the proper size. There are many factors to consider when sizing a heat pump. It’s also critical to have your heat pump properly installed to optimize its efficiency. Having a trained technician install the heat pump, will ensure the electrical hookup is correct as well as address any complicated maintenance and repair tasks should they arise.

For assistance with pool heat pumps and all your other pool needs, contact Unique Pools Spas and Billards. We proudly offer many different heat pump models from Aquacal and Nirvana. Call us today at 407-296-6776 for more information on which heat pump is the right one for your pool.

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