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Just Because It’s the Summer Time, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Enjoy a Hot Tub

There are few things better than jumping in a cold pool after spending time out in the strong summer sun. If you’ve become hot and sweaty after yardwork or are just getting back home after a jog, I doubt that hopping in your hot tub is at the top of your list. But, that doesn’t mea… Read more »

What Do Wood Pellets Do for Grilling?

There is hardly a better match than summertime and grilling. The long, sunny days and vacation time is perfect for hosting parties out back by the pool, and there’s nothing that says “summer” quite like a grilled burger or hot dog. But, there are many different types of gril… Read more »

Why a Yeti Cooler is a Must Have at the Beach

Going to the beach can be a process, especially when you have a large group or small children in tow. Most people prepare to be at the beach all day, so they pack their car with all of the essentials. A large umbrella or canopy tent, beach toys, towels, sunscreen, and of course drinks and snacks. But, if yo… Read more »

Cooling off This Summer in an Above Ground Pool

Florida summers are hot! So what better way to beat the heat than to go swimming in your Cooling off This Summer in an Above Ground Pool-new above ground pool? When you want a convenient, affordable, and low maintenance option to help you cool off, an above gro… Read more »

Frog Leap Chemical Management System

When it comes to your swimming pool, you want to be able to enjoy it without spending a ton of time cleaning it. The Frog Leap Mineral Water system helps keep your pool water clean and clear by reducing the amount of chlorine in your pool up to 50% w… Read more »

The Versatility of the Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is a ceramic kamado-style charcoal grill that has been used by customers for over four decades. Made with state-of-the-art ceramics and featuring adjusted cooking temperatures, stainless steel cooking grid, and permanent porcelain to preserve the gre… Read more »

Buying A Jacksonville Lounger Hot tub

One major question most of our Jacksonville customers ask themselves when considering the perfect hot tub for their family is, should they purchase a hot tub with a lounger or one without? 

Both styles have pluses and minuses, but generally speaking, a lounger is the best way to go! One reason is that it provides an extremely therapeutic massag… Read more »

When it Comes to Both Service and Product Stock, We Beat the Competition!

If you’re looking to add or replace a hot tub, swim spa, above ground pool, or grill, to your backyard, as well as a billiards table to your game room, Unique Pools Spas and Billiards has you cov… Read more »

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