Buying A Jacksonville Lounger Hot tub

Buying A Jacksonville Lounger Hot tub

One major question most of our Jacksonville customers ask themselves when considering the perfect hot tub for their family is, should they purchase a hot tub with a lounger or one without? 

Both styles have pluses and minuses, but generally speaking, a lounger is the best way to go! One reason is that it provides an extremely therapeutic massage. Even when sitting in a hot tub lounge seat without water, you can feel pressure being taken away from your spine and knees. Customers may initially not want a lounger in their hot tub for two reasons: 

1) It takes up too much room – This is true. Generally, one lounger takes up the same amount of space as three molded seats. However, when you have 4-8 people in your hot tub, a standard seat isn’t necessary. People will get in where they fit in, and a traditional hot tub seat with jets isn’t nearly as important when it’s party time! Also, the elevated foot area is actually the perfect space for a large gathering in a hot tub. Lastly, we find that many women prefer not to get their hair or face wet, especially in a get-together setting. In a lounger spa, during a high bathing load, you will find that up to three women can share a lounger. 


2) I float – This is the other main reason people feel they would rather not have a lounger. And it is correct; the flatter we lay, the more buoyant we become. But, just like most things in our ever-evolving world, hot tub manufacturers have designed more ergonomically molded loungers to generate less buoyancy. You’ll notice most loungers are  molded to elevate your knees above your hips. Plus, all new molds are built to make you less buoyant so that your spa experience is as relaxing as can be.  


We at Unique Pools Spas and Billiards specialize in helping make buying a hot tub easy. We have the most experienced staff in the industry  in each one of our four locations which definitely makes a difference when purchasing your spa. Stop by and see us today in Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach or Lakeland.  


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on May 14, 2018