Choosing Between Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine

Choosing Between Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine

People who are planning to install a pool can choose between saltwater and chlorine. Each option provides it own strengths and weaknesses, meaning that research is needed to ensure interested individuals choose the one best for their particular needs and wants.

Chlorine pools need chlorine tablets on a regular basis to keep the water clean and safe enough for the entire family to swim. Technically, salt water pools use chlorine for much the same purpose, but they do not use chlorine tablets. Instead, they use titanium plates to generate chlorine by electrolyzing the salt dissolved in their water.

Should You Choose a Salt Water or Chlorine Pool?

People looking for a more simplified and straightforward maintenance plan often choose a chlorine pools. A typical weekly chlorine pool maintenance plan includes:

  1. Put chlorine tablets in a pool floating chlorine feeder.
  2. Add shock weekly at night.
  3. Test the water again for the pH level – Your goal is 7.2.
  4. Add algaecide the next morning.
  5. Test the pool balance twice a week.

In contrast, salt water pools have a higher upfront cost and require more maintenance, but feature a more natural swimming environment, which offers not just a softer feel on the skin but also exceptional ease in changing the level of chlorine to be produced.

With that said, both salt water and chlorine pools need their owners to work to maintain their safety and the appropriate chlorine levels.

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