Choosing Your Vinyl Pool Liner

Choosing Your Vinyl Pool Liner

If you have a pool, vinyl lining is a must have. It offers a smooth texture and keeps your water from leaking due to the durability of the material. Vinyl is definitely a great option when choosing your liner, but it still raises an important question of how to choose the right vinyl liner. There are many varied factors at play to be aware of when choosing the right liner for you.


Vinyl liner is measured in a unit known as “mils,” which is not to be confused millimeter but is instead a thousandth of an inch. Therefore a 30-mil liner will have the thickness of 30 thousandths of an inch. Thickness is important because thickness adds to durability. The more you need, the thicker you may want to go.

Sun Exposure: You should be observant of how much sun exposure your pool will face. Is it permanently in the shade of your home all day long, or is it being baked at all hours? The more sun exposure your liner takes on, the thicker it will need to be to withstand it.

Surface Material: What is your inground pool going to be placed on to? If it is something smooth such as stone a thinner thickness will suffice, but regarding a rough course surface like concrete or sand, a thicker liner will provide proper protection against abrasions while keeping the water from leaking out.

Getting Unique Assistance

Vinyl pool liners are often overlooked when factoring a pool, but they are an essential component to ensuring the best quality. When you understand the thickness and how it applies to pool quality, you can get the most benefit for your money. At Unique Pools Spas and Billiards, we offer assistance with finding the right model pool for you. For more information, you can reach us at 407-296-6776.

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on Apr 13, 2017