Cool Down with a Yeti Cooler

Cool Down with a Yeti Cooler

In the Florida heat, it is important that you have ways of keeping yourself cool, especially yeti-coolerwhen outdoors. Whether you’re out camping or spending the day at the beach, stay chill with a Yeti Cooler. With guaranteed ice retention and waterproof seals, your drinks and other temperature-sensitive items are sure to stay cool and dry; no matter how hot it gets. Here are some clever tips on how to beat the heat outdoors this summer using your Yeti Cooler.

  1. Drink cold water. Your Yeti Cooler will keep your water at a precise temperature no matter how hot it gets. By drinking cold water, you will keep yourself hydrated, allowing your body to sweat more to cool you down. You’ll also get that nice cooling sensation throughout your body that ice water brings.
  2. Store wet washcloths. Before you head out to your campsite or the beach, store some wet washcloths in your Yeti Cooler. Then when the hottest part of the day comes, you can place the cold or frozen cloth on your neck, behind your legs, or on your forehead and enjoy some cold relief.
  3. Make ice baths. When you’re finished drinking or eating whatever you’ve stored in your cooler, try adding water to the remaining ice. Sticking your feet in an ice bath can help regulate your body temperature and keep you cool.
  4. Freeze your sheets. This tip is ideal for serious campers. While it tends to get cooler at night, you can still feel muggy and warm, especially in Florida. Try storing your sheets or a thin blanket in your cooler during the day, so when night falls, you’ll have a crisp, cold sheet to keep you from sweating all night.
  5. Make an ice fan. If you’ve got a portable fan, try taking the ice from your Yeti Cooler and placing it in front of the fan to create an even cooler breeze.

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on Jul 20, 2017