Dreaming of Owning a Spa? Turn Your Dreams into a Reality with a Dream Maker Spa!

Dreaming of Owning a Spa? Turn Your Dreams into a Reality with a Dream Maker Spa!

Relaxing. Inviting. Luxurious. These are just some of the things that describe a Dream Dreaming of Owning a SpaMaker Spa. Many people dream of owning a spa but think they could never afford one. At Unique Pools, Spas and Billiards, we carry different Dream Maker Spas that are simple to use, affordable, and long-lasting. They’re the perfect choice of spas when wanting to feel like you’re on vacation without ever leaving home.

Things to Consider

When considering purchasing a spa, you want to decide what features you will need such as size, comfort, expense, type, and efficiency.  If you’re going to use your hot tub regularly and want a massaging hydrotherapy experience, you’ll want to look into getting one that has a full-body lounge and comfort pillow headrests like the Crossover 730L Standard 5-6 person hot tub.  If you’re a couple who wants to relax after a long day at work, the Fantasy 2-person hot tub offers 14 controllable stainless steel jets with plenty of leg room. Needing a spa with lots of room for entertaining, but still want to keep costs down when running it? The Lakeshore is a 6-person hot tub that features cup holders, luxury armrests, and is energy-efficient thanks to its thermal rod friction heater.

We Can Help!

With so many things to keep in mind while shopping for a spa, let us help you pick the perfect one.  At Unique Pools, Spas and Billiards, we have been helping customers for over 30 years turn their thoughts of owning a spa into a reality. Whether you’re wanting a spa to relax or to use for physical therapy, our knowledgeable staff can help you find one that works with your lifestyle. Call us today at 407-296-6776 to hear about our weekly specials and make sure to stop by one of our 4 locations to see our products on display.

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on Oct 04, 2017