Extending the Lifespan of a Spa Cover

Extending the Lifespan of a Spa Cover

Depending on its environment, spa covers can typically last an average of three to five years. Covers stored in moderate climates may exceed five years, while covers that are exposed to excessive rain, snow, or sun will age faster. However, there are a few simple measures you can take to extend the life of your spa cover.

Keep it Clean
Spas are designed for outdoor use, and while their covers are built to withstand UV exposure and wet weather they can get filthy from dust, dirt, and pollen. To protect the quality of its marine grade vinyl, spa covers should be cleaned every three to four months with spa cover cleaner. Automotive polishes and household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can dry and crack the vinyl and make it vulnerable to the elements. Inexpensive spa cover conditioner can also be added to increase the vinyl’s resistance to weather conditions.

Let it Breathe
Spa covers have vacuum-sealed foam inserts that are designed to lock out moisture. However, removing the cover and wiping it down a few times a week could help extend its lifespan. Even if you don’t regularly use the spa, letting it air out — especially after shocking the spa — helps remove excess moisture buildup and exposure to chemicals.

Lock it Down
When your spa cover is not airing-out, make sure it is firmly secured to the spa. High winds during hurricanes and storms have been known lift spa covers off the spa. Use the cover strap clips to keep your cover in place. Locking down your spa cover is also a good practice to prevent accidental drownings by keeping children out of the spa.

Don’t Weigh it Down
Try not to rest anything on your spa cover. They are not tables and were not designed to support a great deal of weight. Also, don’t let pets or children sit on the spa cover. It can cause damage and premature wear and tear.

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on Oct 08, 2018