Frog Leap Chemical Management System

Frog Leap Chemical Management System

When it comes to your swimming pool, you want to be able to enjoy it without spending a ton of time cleaning it. The Frog Leap Mineral Water system helps keep your pool water clean and clear by reducing the amount of chlorine in your pool up to 50% with the help of natural minerals. Simply connect the Frog Leap to your filter system, and enjoy the sparkling water for weeks at a time.

How the Pool Frog Leap Mineral System Works

The Frog Leap Mineral Water system gives your pool a complete care solution through sanitizing minerals and a low level of chlorine. Both elements are put into the pool water by an Infuzer®, which is installed after the pump and filter. To help destroy any bacteria that could be living in your pool, the Anti-Bac Mineral Pac® is inserted first. Then, the Torpedo Pac® is added to ensure your pool receives the exact levels of chlorine it needs. The prefilled Torpedo Pac® should be replaced every 1-3 weeks, while the Anti-Bac Mineral Pac® lasts up to 6 months; both can be done without having to touch or measure out messy chemicals. Just set the dial on the cycler to assist with water flow, and that’s it!

Count on Us for Your Pool Needs

At Unique Pools Spas and Billiards, we have everything you need to take care of your swimming pool. Prevent hours of work, bleaching odors, and equipment damage with the help from the Frog Leap Mineral Water system made for 10,000 to 25,000 sized gallon pools. Visit one of our 4 Florida locations to pick up your Frog Leap chemical management system today, or for further assistance, please call 407-296-6776.  

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on May 30, 2018