How to Choose the Perfect Spa

How to Choose the Perfect Spa

A home spa can add value to your home — a hot tub, for example, has a luxurious ambiance so that it can improve the perceived value of the home. A hot tub can be part of a spa room, which will enhance the home’s worth even more. However, there are certain considerations that you need to recognize if you are planning to install a spa in your home. Features, amenities, maintenance, and cost are one of the main factors that will determine if a spa is right for you.

Choosing The Perfect Spa

Hot tubs are more than just a giant outdoor bathtub for lounging or to spend time with your partner. It can be therapeutic, especially hot tubs that are fixed to take advantage of hydrotherapy. Some spots can even be fitted with a stationary swimming pool, which is considered swim spas.

Budgeting a hot tub. Any major investment usually comes with an option to upgrade the basic model. Extra amenities and features on your hot tub can add up quickly. But knowing where to spend and how much to spend will allow you to get the most out of the hot tub experience. Take a look at hot tubs online, and decide on what are your essentials and nonessentials. You may want to have colored mood lights, built-in sound system, or a waterfall feature to add a naturalistic feel. But even the most basic hot tubs will provide benefits of hydrotherapy, allowing the user to immerse in a full sensory experience for enjoyment or entertainment.

Energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is something that you and would-be future buyers would want. So choose a hot tub that has built-in technology that will stop heat loss. You want to consider how well the hot tub can hold heat during use and when in standby. The heater should also be energy-efficient. Full foam insulation is the best at slowing heat lost, not only supporting the tub but also soundproofing.

Maximizing comfort. Do not be afraid to try out a hot tub. Hop in while it is empty and get a feel of its seating. Try out each seat, moving from each mold and curve, to see how you feel. If a hot tub is roomy enough or if there’s too much knee to knee contact; these are factors that you may need to consider. Keep in mind that many hot tubs tend to spotlight the benefits of water jets. However, more water jets don’t always translate to a better tub experience. Check the placement and move around to determine whether you will have to feel a jet every time you sit down. It’s going to be annoying that the moment you sit down to enjoy the hot tub, regardless of the position that you take, there is a constant jet pounding your skin which can be distracting.

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