How to Extend the Service Life of Your Home Spa

How to Extend the Service Life of Your Home Spa

A home spa can be an investment for your health and your home. Not only does a spa provide the comfort and pampering you hope to have out of life, but it reduces stress, increases circulation, provides healthy skin, offers pain relief, and more.

As a financial investment for your home, you want your spa to last as long as possible. There are ways to get your home spa to last longer, such as maintaining water quality and having your spa serviced by a professional.

The Importance of Water Quality

Hard water is a consistent destroyer of all home appliances through which water moves. Even your home water heater is at risk of being destroyed by hard water. The plumbing and jets in your home spa face the same destruction and shortened service life if you fill the spa with hard water.

Therefore, it is imperative to install a water softener in your home at least two months prior to the installation of your home spa. By then, the water circulating through your home would have gone through several softening cycles. The water that then circulates through your spa’s hoses and plumbing will not cause problems with lime or calcium deposits, nor will it cause rust.

Have Your Spa Serviced Every Six Months

Most spa retailers will tell you once a year maintenance is enough. However, twice a year, or every six months, enables you to spot mechanical issues sooner. This is not so much a concern when you first purchase you the spa, but as it ages, the maintenance becomes even more important to its service life.

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