How to Keep Your Pool Clean During the Fall

How to Keep Your Pool Clean During the Fall

Whether you’re keeping your pool open for the season or finding other ways to enjoy the fall weather, you still need to prioritize proper pool care. Here are four ways to update your maintenance routine this season.

Don’t Leave Leaves

You can’t stop leaves from falling, but you can stop them from piling in your pool. Leaves can clog your pool filter, stain your lining, and disturb your water balance, which means you need to stay on top of skimming the surface throughout the fall season. For best pool practices, add leaf collecting to your chore list and get it out of the way at the start of each day.

Destroy the Debris

Even if you’re dedicated to maintaining a clean pool, it’s hard to make time for micro debris. Instead of scrubbing, vacuuming, or sweeping, take a hands-free approach to cleaning with automatic pool cleaners. If you have an inground pool, the Inground Dirt Demon 2 is the premier choice for keeping your permanent fixture permanently clean. But if you’ve recently installed an above ground addition, you can count on the Above Ground Dirt Demon 2 to maintain its mint condition.

Clean Your Cover

Pool covers keep debris and other unwanted items from entering your water, which is why you should keep yours as clean as possible. When you let leaves, sticks, and other pieces of foliage pile onto the top, the weight can sink your pool cover, create puddles of stagnant water, and flush debris right into your pool.

Try Switching Systems

You don’t have to count on chemicals to keep your pool clean throughout the off-season. By using a mineral delivery system, like the FROG Leap, you can maintain a healthy pool pH and kill bacteria using 50% less chlorine. This Fresh Mineral Water® system uses a combination of low-level chlorine and fresh water minerals to keep water clear, clean, and comfortable year round.

All Season Pool Experts 

If you don’t have any upcoming pool plans for the season, you still can’t set it and forget it. To get the latest tips and tricks to keep your pool in tip-top shape this fall, contact the team at Unique Pools, Spas, & Billiards. We offer a range of accessories and cleaners to keep every pool in pristine condition through every season. For more information about our pool product catalog, call us today at 407-296-6776.

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