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How To

At Unique Pools Spas & Billiards, we’re always around to help our Jacksonville and Orlando area customers. That’s why we put this How-To page together. Below you’ll find some basic spa care information that we think might help you maintain your hot tub and keep it running smoothly.

Maintaining your hot tub is easy in that most have 240 volt 50 amp which will allow them to be on their own GFIC breaker. They can be plugged into a 50 amp circuit specifically for the spa, a licensed professional can hook them up to the side of your house or box breaker.

Because hot tubs work very hard at providing results, they require a certain amount of power that only a licensed professional would be able to come in and tell you that your home has. If you do not have the required amount of power flowing through your home, they can tell you what you need to do to get it.

Spas can be wired at 120 volts which allows you to plug it in just like any other appliance in your home, but the circuit used must be dedicated to the usage of your spa. It is still imperative that you check with a licensed professional before doing this for your safety.

Maintaining Your Hot Tub – Basic Wiring

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Bromine and chlorine are both used as sanitizers for spas. However, Bromine is most preferred because it comes in tablet form, has a nicer smell, benefits last much longer, is more stable and other shock treatments can be added to enhance the effects of the bromine. Chlorine is sometimes preferred as well, but it is recommended that chlorine tablets are not used unless it is dye chlorine tabs.

Maintaining Your Hot Tub – Using Chlorine or Bromine

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There are six keys that you must follow in order to maintain your spa. Circulation is the first key and should be done every day to keep your water clear and bacteria free. The second key is maintaining your filtration system by removing the filter and chemical cleaning it every 4-6 weeks. Cleaning your spa, draining and refilling it with fresh water is the third and fourth keys to maintaining your spa. The fifth step is the chemistry of your water, which is made up of sanitizer residual. This should be tested to keep your water clear and soothing with bio guard products, which leads to the last step which is to test your water to be sure that it is at suitable levels.

Six Keys to Basic Spa Care

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Testing and adjusting the chlorine level in the spa requires that you dip the test strip into the spa water after adding the required amount of chlorine and letting the jets circulate it for a few minutes. Not all testing products work the same, which is why it is always important to read the directions so that you are able to get an accurate reading. Because bacteria can grow very quickly in hot water, testing should be done every couple of hours to protect the swimmer.

Maintaining a Hot Tub – Adding Chlorine to a Hot Tub

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How To Clean Sta-Rite Cartridge Filters

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There are a few basic steps that you must take to clean the pool filter. Cut off the pool pump, take out the pump lid, remove the trap basket and clean. Next, put the basket back into position and make sure the O ring is in good condition and lubricated before positioning back on the pump. Put the lid back on, remove the drain pipe from filter tank, open the air valve to relieve excess pressure, press lock tab to spin off the ring, remove the filter cartridge for cleaning. Take your time and hose down the cartridge inside and out. Use cartridge cleaner to remove tough stains after letting it soak. After hosing it, you are ready to put it back together.

How to Clean Swimming Pool Pump Baskets

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