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Residential Pool Service

When you install a pool with PSB, you don’t just receive many fun options but you are provided with the opportunity to purchase services that will help you maintain your pool and keep it healthy throughout the year. What services does PSB offer to our Jacksonville and Orlando residents which allow you to count on them for most of your pooling needs so that you can save time and money while enjoying your summer days?

Some of the services that you can expect from PSB include residential pool service, one time cleaning service, drain and cleaning service. With residential services and one time residential cleaning, there is no need in changing out pumps, rebuilding or resurfacing them. You spend less time worrying about maintenance and cleaning issues, because this is done once a week for you.

The chemical levels of your pool are tested, water levels can be adjusted, ensure that all equipment is working appropriately, gates are secured, pool is cleaned, pool baskets, skimmers and pool cleaner bags are emptied, walls and floors are pressure washed and rinsed, pools and spas are drained, stains are removed from chlorine wash and situations that cause clogs are eliminated. With so many services provided to you and done within 2-3 hours or within 3 days, you can focus your mind on the more important things in life.

We do everything from full service cleaning to resurfacing to building pump change outs and more! Complete cleaning and maintenance service for residential and commercial pools is provided on a weekly basis. (See our Pool Service page for more on why you may need a pool service) Our Residential Pool Service is reliable and thorough.

One Time Pool Cleaning Service

Helping you bring your pool back to shape. Many pools can be serviced in 2-3 hours, some may require multiple visits.

Our Residential Pool Service includes::

  • Empty skimmers, pump basket & pool cleaner bag
  • Cleaning the pool by net
  • Checking the operation of your equipment
  • Vacuuming, skin surface, and back-washing when necessary
  • Checking your automatic cleaning system if applicable
  • Testing chemical levels
  • Adjust the water chemistry (chemicals not included)
  • Brushing the sides and steps of the pool
  • Making sure your gate is secured
  • Adjust water level if needed
  • And More!!!

Our staff is professionally trained so you don’t have to worry about your pool water or equipment. Any problems found are reported to you immediately.
Please Note: The water level is crucial to the proper operation of the pool. It is the responsibility of the resident to monitor and fill the pool to proper level. We will inform you if there is a need for more water or if we see a trend starting to develop.


Drain and Clean Service

Some pools are so dirty that they will require to be drained and cleaned.

The drain and clean service is typically done over the course of 3 days and includes:

Day 1: Drain the pool/spa
Day 2: Empty the skimmer, pump basket and pool cleaner bag
Day 2: Pressure wash the walls and floors
Day 2: Use a chlorine wash to remove most of the stains
Day 2: Rinse the walls
Day 2: Clean the pool cleaner (e.g. Polaris)

Things You Can Do Between Visits

Dirt and debris will consume chemicals and can stain the pool.

Therefore, removal of leaves, debris and dirt as soon as possible with a good cleaning is a must.
Observe your pool often and give attention as necessary to these other important cleaning tasks: Keep pump and skimmer baskets clean – a clogged basket restricts filtration.

Keep water level up – don’t allow it to go below skimmer opening. Optimum level is ½ way up the skimmer opening.

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