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Doughboy Copper Canyon

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Doughboy Copper Canyon is really popular in many homes today. If you want a private and cozy pool in your home for the benefit of your family, this is the best choice for you, considering the level of fun experienced when playing in waters.

These are some of the cool features that make Doughboy Copper Canyon to be loved today:

    • For efficient and easy installation without the need to spend extra dollars in hiring an expert, it comes with top rails which are 7″ wide.
    • There are large 6″ steel verticals providing full support for the rails at the top. Another good thing with these verticals is that they are a beautiful accent to the design of the wall.
    • It is available in 48″ and 52″ sidewalls
    • All the components come a warranty of at least 35 years
    • It has a Com-Pac II Oval Support System, meaning that there are many space-saving features to let you have a good experience while using the pool. This is a feature that is not available with the pool of other manufacturers.
    • The materials used in making the pool have many protective coatings for resistance to corrosion and protection against other extreme conditions.

Most people generally believe that pools are very expensive and cannot be easily maintained. This is not the case with Doughboy Copper Canyon. In fact, it is very cheap, and you do not need to be expert before you could give it necessary maintenance. This is the pool you should choose today, and many people also love it because it can be used in any season, and requires minimal storage space when not in use.