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Swimming pools are often the center of outside gatherings such as parties and barbeques. Gatherings such as these can last all day long and all night long, if you have the proper lighting. Even outdoor torches and lamps that light up yards and gardens are usually not sufficient to light up swimming pools. Well, now you have the option to party well into the early morning hours with the Illuminate Your Life Lights.

The Illuminate Your Life Lights are a fun and decorative way to light up your swimming pool. These lights come in many different shapes and styles meaning you can choose to have a sphere, an egg, a cube, a lily pad, or even baby ducks! All of the Illuminate Your Life Lights are waterproof and float on the surface of the water. By using LED technology, the Illuminate Your Life Lights last up to 10 hours and recharge with a dock and go charging base, which means you do not have to waste money on lots of batteries.

In addition to those features, the Illuminate Your Life Lights come with a wireless, One-Touch remote control that offers customizable options including four illumination modes and a total of 24 colors to choose from. Those options allow users to create a mood with each nightly pool visit or even create a theme that ties into your outdoor activities. You may even want to put on a light show!

Needless to say, the Illuminate Your Life Lights will add a new dimension to your swimming pool that you have never had before. They also make good conversation pieces, so expect a lot of questions from your friends and neighbors. And if you would rather enjoy your well lit pool than answer lots of questions, then you can simply reply, “Illuminate Your Life!”