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Plateau Collection Billiards

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Have you been looking for furniture to put into your home that has a stylish finish that will allow you to match it with any type of décor in your home and still come up with a look that is distinctive, tasteful and pleasant to look at over and over again? If so, you will always find that in the Plateau Collection. You can find this wide hardwood table designed with a 6 inch railing that is solid. Not only can you expect it to be affordable, but it features icon cushions and leather pockets that are designed genuinely and a slate that is a 1.25 inch Connelly certified tournament.

You can find at least four different types of models with or without carved legs. It just all depends on the dealer that you choose to purchase your tables with. While it is certainly stylish and can bring some of your home décor to life, its simple design can blend in easily with any of your fashion ideas without needing any adjusting or sneaky hiding. If you have not stopped in to check out this piece, once you see it, you will know why it has been named the must have piece for home décor of the century.

Distinctive tables with most models offering carved hardwood legs, the affordable Plateau Collection includes features like a wide solid hardwood 6 inch rail, the exclusive Connelly Rapid Rail featuring ICON cushions ,1.25 inch Connelly Certified Tournament Slate, and genuine leather pockets. And of course, Plateau models are available in four different American hardwood veneers. Ask your local Connelly dealer to show you our wide variety of fine furniture finishes to fit any room or décor.