Saltwater vs. Chlorine Pools

Saltwater vs. Chlorine Pools

Saltwater pools are becoming increasingly popular. This type of pool isn’t the same as swimming in sea water. In fact, water in a saltwater pool only has about 10 percent of the saline content of seawater. Saltwater pools use electrolysis to create a small amount of chlorine to disinfect the pool water, much less chlorine than is used in a traditional swimming pool. However, a saltwater pool isn’t the right choice for everyone. It’s wise to weigh the benefits of each type of pool before making your final decision.

The benefits of a saltwater pool

  • Gentler on skin and eyes. Because saltwater pools don’t need chlorine to keep them clean, the water is gentler to a person’s skin and eyes.
  • No chemical handling. It’s also safer to not have to handle and store hazardous chemicals like chlorine.
  • Less maintenance. Chlorine is also harsh to the liner, drains, and sides of a traditional pool. By opting for a saltwater pool, you’ll likely have less frequent maintenance and repair bills. You also won’t have to test and add chemicals daily.

The benefits of a chlorine swimming pool

  • Less expensive. Saltwater pools are generally significantly more expensive than chlorine swimming pools. In addition to the initial investment, saltwater pools use more electricity to operate than traditional pools.
  • Less expensive repairs. Although saltwater pools generally require fewer repairs than traditional pools, those repairs are usually more expensive, since they require the services of a pool technician that’s skilled in that type of pool.
  • Less damage to masonry and plants. The saline content in a saltwater pool can damage plants around your pool (that may get splashed by the pool water) as well as your drains and masonry.

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