Tundra 160 Cooler

The Tundra 160 is a great off shore fishing and hunting for those in your life. The durability and 2 inches of insulation provide you with a great way to transfer goods without getting warm.

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The Yeti Tundra 160 cooler is designed for true lovers of the outdoors. Whether you are in the field hunting and on a boat fishing this cooler will be a great solution for any season. Store over 100 drinks and plenty of food. This cooler comes standard with the dry food baskets giving you more room within the Tundra 160. You can use this cooler to store elk and porter deer for the hunter in your life. If you are big on fishing you can store snappers and larger off shore fish like tuna is a great way to transfer from one location to another.


  • Weight: 54 lbs
  • Height: 21 1/2″
  • Length: 43 1/2″


  • Rotomolded construction
  • Permafrost insulation
  • No sweat design
  • Bearfoot non-slip feet
  • Doublehaul handles
  • Vortex drain system


  • 100 cans of beer/soda *
  • 159 pounds of ice **

* using a 2:1 ice to beer ratio
** ice only