Tundra 45 Cooler

The Yeti Tundra 45 cooler is a top choice for a lot of our customers. It holds 26 cans and is easy to carry around from one location to the next. The toughness of our Yeti coolers is in full display as it provides you with great insulation and a near non-indestructible cooler.

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The Tundra 45 provides you with the type of cooler which is great for camping and hunting exercises. You can fill it up with 26 cans and 35 pounds of ice to last during the long weekend. All of the Yeti coolers have great non-slip feet to make sure it is not sliding all over the place.


  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Height: 15 1/2″
  • Length: 24 1/2″


  • Rotomolded construction
  • Permafrost insulation
  • No sweat design
  • Bearfoot non-slip feet
  • Doublehaul handles
  • Vortex drain system


  • 26 cans of beer/soda *
  • 35 pounds of ice **

* using a 2:1 ice to beer ratio
** ice only