The Seashore


Why is resin important? Metal rusts and corrodes Resin doesn’t! Pools are commonly used by children. Kids always rest on the top ledge of the pool. In Florida metal gets HOT! You have a few options get burnt, constantly splash water on the ledge to keep it cool, or buy a resin top ledge pool!

Offered in a 54” High Wall!

You paid a lot of money for your backyard don’t waste it with buttress’s! Our space saving buttress free design makes our oval pools perfect for Florida backyards.

Aluminum hot zone! (Possibly the most important feature in this above ground pools. Every manufacturer coast their wall with several layers of resin. This protects the metal wall from corrosion. However, when they cut through the wall for the skimmer and return leaves exposed metals. This IS the first place the rusts in above ground pool. This area that generally rusts and offers zero warranty with other manufacturers is called the hot zone. We have our hot zone manufactured out of aluminum which is back by a LIFETIME warranty.

  • Corrugated pool wall for durability
  • Staggered bolt wall assembly for maximum support
  • Large wide mouth skimmer option

Offered in several sizes
Round: 15 -18 – 21 – 24 – 27 – 30 – 33
Oval: 12×24 – 15×30 – 18×33