Stay Fit on Budget with Swim Spas

Stay Fit on Budget with Swim Spas

If  you are trying to decide between a swim spa and a swimming pool, there are a number swim spas orlandoof reasons that selecting a swim spa is the best decision. For one, swim spas are much more economical to build. An in-ground pool is going to cost at minimum twenty thousand dollars. There are pool kits for around eight thousand, but these don’t take into account preparation and other costs. Not only do in-ground pools cost more to build, they cost more to maintain. They use more chemicals and require much more care.

  • The benefits of a swim spa include:
  • Comforts of a spa
  • ‘Traditional’ pool features
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Easy installation

A swim spa’s adjustable swim stream allows you to customize your workout resistance, letting you kick it up a notch as you progress. With an in-ground pool, your water workout is rigid, as you can swim laps or do water aerobics but not much more. With swim spas, you can change the rate of flow to increase or decrease the challenge as needed. Your swimming can be slow and easy or fast and furious depending on your mood and physical ability.

The best part of using your swim spa instead of a pool for your workout is enjoying the jets, which give you the ability to relax after your workout. You can’t do that in a regular swimming pool. Selecting swim spas for your workout not only gives you more to workout with, but is in budget too. Contact Unique Pools, Spas and Billiards to get your free estimate on your swim spa.

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on Dec 08, 2016