Stay Warm This Winter with a Hot Tub

Stay Warm This Winter with a Hot Tub

Hot tubs aren’t just for use in the summer months. In fact, many Florida hot tub owners Stay Warm this Winter with a Hot Tubprefer using their spas in the winter when it’s not as humid outside. After a long day of working and holiday prepping, what could be better than relaxing in a steaming hot tub while surrounded by the crisp winter air? In addition to feeling relaxed in your spa, you will also relieve any aches and pains while setting yourself up for a better night’s sleep.

Achieve Better Sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role in good health and well-being. According to, soaking in your hot tub for 20-30 minutes two hours before bed, causes your body temperature to raise a degree or two and then drop at bedtime, which helps put you into a deep sleep. The rise of your body temperature and the rapid cool down period that follows- instantly relaxes you.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Does the colder weather typically keep you inside where it’s warm? If you love hanging with family and friends outdoors, turn your backyard into a warm winter oasis by sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying your spa. 

Discover Stress Relief and Joint Comfort

Hot water is great for alleviating stress and calming tensed muscles. The pulsating jets that many hot tub models provide also help you relax by giving you a massaging experience. As you’re relieving the soreness and fatigue from your body, you are also increasing your blood flow, which can be especially beneficial for individuals who have arthritis, back or knee pain, or who play sports.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Purchasing a custom spa cover will help reduce the energy use of your hot tub during the winter by keeping the heat in. It’s much more cost-efficient to maintain the spa’s water temperature by keeping your hot tub warm instead of letting it cool down to be heated up again.

If you do not use your hot tub every day, it’s important to check the water level regularly, as the filtration pumps and heating systems could stop working, causing the water to freeze if the water level gets too low.

Lastly, when the hot tub is not being used, turn off any air jets to avoid injecting cold air into the water of your hot tub, which will cause you to use more energy when having to reheat your spa. 

It’s important to pick a hot tub based on you and your families needs. At Unique Pools Spas and Billiards, we have many models to choose from. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect spa and accessories, which allows you to relax in luxury during the winter months and all year round. Contact us today at 407-296-6776 to learn more about the hot tub selection we provide.

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on Dec 05, 2017