Stepping up your Pool Game

Stepping up your Pool Game

Pool and billiards are some of the most popular games for hobbyists, which should explain why so many American homes have pool tables in them. It can, however, be frustrating to get really, truly good at.

Here are a few tips to become a true billiards expert and step up your pool game:

Practice Makes Perfect

This one may seem obvious, but truly the only way to get to the top of your pool game is to simply log hours and hours of practice. Learning the roll of the table, the angles in play and the spin you can put on the cue ball is only really possible through long practice sessions.

Technique Matters

The way you hold and balance the cue, as well as your stance while playing at the billiards table has to be stable and consistent, or else your pool game won’t be.

Make sure you hold the cue in the same place for every shot, balance your shot on a stable hand, and keep your stance the same every single time. Commit good billiards technique to muscle memory and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Set Up Some Drills

No amount of practice will transform your game if the practice itself doesn’t have much impact. A way to ensure that you’re practicing effectively is to look up some drills for billiards players and copy them as a part of your practice routines.

Now that you’re a billiards expert, you’ll need a high quality table on which to play and challenge your friends. Check out Unique Pool, Spa and Billiards for all the options we have in store for you! Contact us today with any questions.

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on Feb 07, 2017