Take a Cue When Adding a Billiards Table into Your Game Room

Take a Cue When Adding a Billiards Table into Your Game Room

Billiards sports is a fun game for people of all different ages. By purchasing a billiards table to put into your home, you are not only adding an entertaining addition to your game room, but you are adding a statement piece as well. Billiards tables are available in many various styles but when planning for the one you want, make sure to think about more than just what leg style and felt color you would choose. Other factors to consider include table size, perimeter clearance, noise, delivery preparation, and accessories.

Table Size

There are three standard sizes of billiards tables, and while surface dimensions stay the same, outside dimensions can vary depending on the manufacturer. The three table sizes are:

  • Pub size/7-foot
  • Professional size/8-foot
  • Tournament size/9-foot

Perimeter Clearance

Although you may have enough floor space in your game room to accommodate your billiards table, you also want to pay attention to the clearance you will have around the perimeter. No one wants to miss a shot because their cue stick continually bumps into the wall. A standard cue stick is 58 inches so the ideal table perimeter clearance should be 60 inches or more, giving you enough space to comfortably play.


If you’re game room is in an open loft area, hearing the sounds of the balls clacking together could be disturbing to a person trying to watch TV below. While noise may not be a problem for others, it’s a good thing to keep in mind when positioning your billiards table inside your home.

Delivery Preparation

Before your billiards table is delivered, make sure to have things like an area rug or light fixture already set in place. If you think getting the table into your home could cause a problem, it’s best to contact a billiards specialist to see if they offer in-home site visits to guarantee the equipment can be brought in and will fit into the chosen location.


When designing your game room, don’t forget to include storage for your pool cues, balls, chalk, and rack. You can have storage holder that’s custom made and set into the wall, or you can place a holder somewhere in the room that won’t interfere with your clearance perimeter.   

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