The Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

The Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

Very few things feel as refreshing as jumping into a swimming pool on a hot day, and in the state of Florida, just about every day is a hot day. If you’re an overheated Floridian longing to enjoy that cool pool feeling on a daily basis, then here are a few great reasons why you should consider installing an above ground pool.


Above ground pools are available in a variety of sizes, so you can find a style that can fit your needs even if you have a tiny backyard. Conversely, if you have a big backyard, you shouldn’t sacrifice its entirety to an inground pool when you can get a sizable above ground pool instead. A strategic above ground installation will give you the best of both worlds: an area to swim and plenty of yard left to run and play.

Less Expensive

When most people think of swimming pools, they generally imagine a large inground pool—a charming oasis, no doubt, but a costly one. The cost to purchase and install an above ground pool is about a third of the average cost of an inground pool. With an above ground pool, you’ll save a ton of money and still get to splash around as much as you’d like.

Low Maintenance

Above ground pools are not only easier to maintain than traditional swimming pools, but they are also removeable and transferrable. If at any point you want to relocate your pool to a different part of your property, an above ground pool provides you with the flexibility to do so. Furthermore, if you decide to move to a new home, you can break down your above ground pool and take it with you! You certainly can’t do that with an inground pool.

Less of a Commitment

The average lifespan of an above ground pool is about 10 years; however, with proper maintenance it could last even longer. While inground pools can last 20 years before requiring heavy resurfacing, they are an often permanent addition to your home. Above ground pools are the perfect option for those who want to enjoy year-round backyard swimming but not a lifetime backyard commitment.

Easy to Install

Whereas inground pool installations can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, an average above ground pool installation can be completed in a few days—while some installations can be finished in as little as eight hours. Therefore, with an above ground pool you can be swimming in your backyard by the end of the week!

Above Ground Pool Experts

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