The Benefits of Jacuzzis

The Benefits of Jacuzzis

Most people who have experienced a good soak in a jacuzzi would consider it to be an enjoyable experience. From a romantic toast with a few glasses of champagne to killer relief from muscle aches, jacuzzis present a fun social opportunity with a myriad of health benefits.

Post-Injury Recovery

One of the most satisfying feelings after a tough workout, a long hike or painful muscle injury is soaking in a jacuzzi. The warm water and massaging jets typically ease muscle tension and allow your muscles to elongate easily, relieving soreness or aches and pains.

Because jacuzzis allow humans to be more buoyant, the physical strain or compression from standing and sitting is almost completely removed. These characteristics lift the weight off of whatever knot, kink, or injury may be bothering you. Those who have chronic arthritis or other consistent joint pain often experience the same relief as those with temporary soreness or minor injuries after a thirty-minute soak.

Improved Sleep

Hoping to sleep better tonight? The steamy chlorinated vapor rising off the top of the jacuzzi entices drowsiness. In addition, the heat from warm water tends to present jacuzzi users with more restful sleep. When the body is comfortably warm, it is easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Easing Tension

Jacuzzis can also offer major stress and anxiety relief for individuals who have had a bad day or work high-stress jobs. The rhythmic circulation of the water, coupled with the feeling of weightlessness helps calm the nerves and allows people to ease areas of heavy tension, thus reducing stress.

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on Jan 31, 2017