The Health Benefits of Home Spas

The Health Benefits of Home Spas

Health benefits of home spasA luxurious spa is a welcome addition to any home. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a hot tub jet massage in the comfort of their own home after a long day at work? Though some might consider a spa an excessive purchase, it is more practical than they think. Hot tubs can play a key role in maintaining your overall well-being. Still skeptical? Here are some reasons why you can relax in a brand-new home spa guilt-free.

Pain Relief

Everyone knows how much a simple heating pad can relieve pain and discomfort. A spa can do even more since the whole body is submerged in hot water. The warm water helps to tone down pain, restore range of motion to stiff muscles and joints, and reduce tension. Plus, the jet massages can likewise work out especially tight, discomforting areas. Those with lingering, chronic pain can find at least temporary relief with spa hydrotherapy treatments.

Injury Recovery

Spas provide two helpful benefits for injury recovery: heat and buoyancy. The hot water raises your body temperature and increases your blood flow to the injured area. This can kickstart the healing process in any damaged tissues by sending more white blood cells to the area. In addition, soaking in water takes weight and pressure off of the injured part, reducing stress and promoting healing.

Heart Health

Ever wish you could get the health benefits of working out while relaxing? While spending time in a hot tub is not going to get you in amazing shape, it does increase your heart rate much like aerobic exercise. This is a good way to keep your heart healthy if you don’t live an especially active lifestyle. The hot water can also help lower blood pressure since it causes blood vessels to dilate.

Stress Reduction

Taking time to relax and unwind from everyday life is incredibly important to your overall health. Stress is linked to all kinds of health issues like chronic pain, headaches, and insomnia. The warm water and jets of a spa have a soothing effect not only on your body but on your mind as well. It allows your brain to destress and your body to feel better, giving a holistic feeling of wellbeing.

Unique Pools, Spa, & Billiards can make your home spa dream a reality. You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself, and what better way than by rejuvenating body and mind in your very own home spa. To learn more about our wide selection of spas and hot tubs, give us a call at 407-296-6776 today!

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