The Importance of a Pool Skimmer

The Importance of a Pool Skimmer

Pool skimmers are essential equipment for all residential pool owners. These filters help keep the water in your pool clean for better hygiene and to extend the life of your pool.

Pool Skimmer Overview

The role of a pool skimmer is to trap large floating debris before they can settle to the bottom. Pool skimmers catch things like leaves, bugs, twigs, dirt, petals, hair, pollen, and sunscreen oils. This essential filtering equipment is typically either built-in to your pool or free-floating. Types of skimmers include:

  • Built-in – Below ground pools have skimmers built into them as a physical part of your pool installation.
  • Floating – These skimmers hang off the edge of above-ground pools, and include a basket to hold the trapped debris.
  • Robotic/automatic – Battery or solar-powered mobile skimmers move about the surface of the water capturing surface debris.

Why You Need a Pool Skimmer

No matter what type of skimmer you use for your pool, the important thing is that you have one, as they serve essential purposes like:

  • Cleaning – The skimmer removes unwelcome dirt and debris from your pool which also keeps your pool cleaner by eliminating any problems with chemical distribution so that your pool stays clear and sanitary.
  • Protection – Unchecked rubble is likely to enter your pool plumbing system, causing blockage and other damage.
  • Longevity – Without a filter to capture large debris, your pump must work much harder, and is likely to break down sooner.
  • Savings – Dirty pools and clogged pumps lead to increased energy consumption and higher utility bills.

Stay Cool This Summer

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