Tips For Cleaning Billiard Cloth Stains

Tips on Cleaning a Billiard Cloth Stain

Pool table or billiard cloths can easily become stained due to knocked over drinks by careless players. If your billiard table cloth has become soiled by a liquid or other substance, it should be addressed quickly before the stain hardens and begins impeding gameplay. Here are some professional tips on cleaning a stained billiard cloth.

Use a Towel to Dry the Billiard Cloth

Immediately after a spill, lay a dry towel, cloth, or paper towel on top of the spill. Do not press down! Doing so will force the liquid deeper into the cloth. As the towels soak up the liquid, keep replacing them with another dry towel until a majority of the spill is by absorbed. If all you spilled was water, then your billiard cloth cleaning ends here. However, if juice, beer, or any other liquid besides H2O is seeping into your pool table, then you need to act fast before it causes a permanent stain.

The most important thing is to clean the spill up as soon as it happens to reduce the time it has to soak into the felt and the table board beneath it.

Blot the Billiard Cloth with a Damp Towel

Dampen a clean towel with warm water and gently blot the area of the spill in order to absorb more of the liquid and prevent it from soaking down into the table board. Rinse and repeat with the same towel until the stain lightens. Resist scrubbing the area of the stain as it could damage the felt surface of your billiard cloth. If the stain is not lifting, try using the same blotting method with a towel dampened in a solution of half water and half vinegar. Watered-down household vinegar is safe for billiard cloths, will break-up stains better than water alone, and won’t add to the stain like other harsh cleaning products.

Use a Billiard Cloth Cleaner

If a stain is still present after blotting and allowing the billiard cloth to air dry, then try a cleaning product specifically designed for use on pool or billiard tables. Regular carpet or fabric cleaners are overkill for billiard table stains and will do more harm than good to the billiard cloth’s thin, soft texture. Instead of making the stain worse, consult with a billiard expert. A professional billiard or pool table dealer will be able to recommend the right cleaning product to safely and effectively fight your billiard cloth stain.

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