Top 3 Benefits of a Salt Water Hot Tub

Top 3 Benefits of a Salt Water Hot Tub

Benefits of a Salt Water Hot Tub

There’s no better feeling than coming home from a hard day’s work and slipping into a warm, bubbling hot tub with a drink in hand. Aside from relaxation, Jacuzzis offer a long list of health benefits when used regularly and especially when filled with salt water. Here are just a few benefits a personal salt water hot tub will provide you.

  1. Soothing Water

    Normal chemical-filled spas can sometimes dry out your skin and cause irritation around your eyes, nose, and mouth. In comparison, salt water actually makes your hot tub’s water feel softer and more comfortable on your skin. You won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals getting in your eyes or mouth. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with the nauseating smell of chorine as you unwind for the day.

  2. Friendly to the Environment

    Salt water hot tubs mimic natural hot springs, so they are actually better for the environment than a spa filled with chemicals. And believe it or not, salt water hot tubs don’t have that much salt— a third less than human tears. Because of this, you’ll save water (and be eco-friendly) since this system only requires you to change the water once per year.

  3. Easy Maintenance

    Because of the chemical reaction in the minerals, your salt water Jacuzzi will naturally produce trace amounts of chlorine. This means you won’t have to take the time to balance the chemical in your spa or worry about the pH levels. Since this system only needs to be refilled once a year, you can spend less time sanitizing your spa and more time relaxing in it.

Treat Yourself

You work hard. You deserve a hot tub that works hard for you. In the long run, a salt water spa will save you time, money, and energy. And in the short run, you have a luxurious and gentle spa to escape to. Whether you’re purchasing a spa for therapy or for pleasure, Unique Pools Spas & Billiards can provide you with the highest quality spa brands at a surprisingly affordable price. Ready to relax? Give us a call today at (407) 296-6776 and we’ll help pick out a hot tub that’s perfect for you.

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