What Do Wood Pellets Do for Grilling?

What Do Wood Pellets Do for Grilling?

There is hardly a better match than summertime and grilling. The long, sunny days and vacation time is perfect for hosting parties out back by the pool, and there’s nothing that says “summer” quite like a grilled burger or hot dog. But, there are many different types of grills out there, and you must learn what makes each type unique before you can make your final purchase decision!

Wood-Pellet Grills

Gas, charcoal, and wood-pellet are the three main types of grills. The difference between the three lies in the fuel each uses: gas grills burn propane to generate heat and charcoal grills heat up briquets with a flame. Obviously, wood-pellet grills work by igniting wood-pellets. But, unlike the other two, wood-pellets aren’t only a fuel for cooking food – they can also add flavors to meats.

Delicious Flavors

Instead of using flames or heat-retaining pieces of charcoal, wood-pellets cook meat by giving off heat and smoke. This is what separates wood-pellet grills from all others – they can be used to smoke meats as well as grill them. The smoke makes such a difference because it makes meat more juicy, tender, and flavorful. Depending on the type of pellet you use, you can achieve different flavors. Traeger, the leading producer of grilling wood pellets, has several options which you can try out: alder, apple, cherry, hickory, maple, mesquite, oak, pecan, and more!

Consistent Temperature

Wood-pellet grills also allow for a much more even temperature distribution, since they radiate smoke and heat evenly and consistently. Many wood-pellet grills have temperature settings, which will control how fast the pellets are fed into the chamber and maintain an even amount of smoke. This means you won’t have one burger overcooked and another still raw after 5 minutes, like you could cooking over direct flame.

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