What Effect Does Rain Have on My Pool?

What Effect Does Rain Have on My Pool?

What Effect Does Rain Have on My Pool?Summertime is just around the corner, which means the kids will be out of school and ready to cool off in the pool. For Floridians, summer also means the start of our infamous afternoon-storm season. While there are many factors that will affect the health of your pool, the amount of rainfall you get during this season is at the top of the list. Here are some pool hazards to look out for during Florida’s rainy season.

Overflow from Excess Rainwater

With constant rainfall, your pool is more likely to overflow — creating hazards for both swimmers and your home. Water that spills onto the surface of your deck is a slip and fall accident just waiting to happen. In some severe cases, extreme overflow can result in landscape and home damage as the excess water will flow into your yard and weaken structures. After a day of summer storms, it is crucial to monitor the levels of your pool to prevent injury and water damage.

pH Level Imbalance

With excess water out of the way, it’s time to check your pool’s pH levels. After enduring a lot of rain, the water chemical balance will be thrown off and leave your pool vulnerable to bacteria and algae growth. A healthy pH level for chlorine pools is between 7.4 and 7.6. Since rainwater has a pH level of 5, extreme amounts of rain will dilute the level of your water and you’ll run the risk of swimming in an acidic pool that will irritate your skin and eyes.

Rain Storm Debris

Even if you have a screened-in pool, rainstorms can blow debris, bacteria, and dirt into the water that will attack the active chlorine — throwing off the chemical balance of your pool water. Not only that, but other foliage like leaves and sticks can clog your filter, causing the pressure to rise and creating cloudy, weak-flowing water. Always check your pool after a storm for loose debris, dirt, and even small animals.

Protect Your Pool!

You may not be able to stop the summer storms, but you can stop them from ruining your pool with help from Unique Pools, Spas, & Billiards. From pool covers to filtration systems, we have everything you need to prep your Orlando or Jacksonville pool for the summer! For more information, or help deciding which products are right for you, call us today at 407-296-6776.

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