What is a Swim Spa?

What is a Swim Spa?

If you’ve been debating between the purchase of a new pool or hot tub, but can’t seem to Swim Spamake a choice because both offer their own separate benefits, then the swim spa is perfect for you!

A swim spa is smaller than a swimming pool, but bigger than a hot tub, usually 12-19 feet long by 7-9 feet wide. Swim spas produce a current that allows users to swim against it, making them the perfect fitness pool. And, unlike with pools, you don’t have to swim from one side to the other. Instead, you paddle and kick continuously in the middle of the swim spa.

As far as construction of swim spas go, they have an insulated acrylic shell, electric heater, and water pumps, the same as hot tubs. In fact, swim spas are like giant hot tubs, many of them even have jetted therapy seats.

Reasons to Buy a Swim Spa

There are many benefits to owning a swim spa, which includes:

  1. Flexible installation – Pools are large and can only be set up in specific areas in your yard. Swim spas, however, offer a compact size, which allows them to be installed in areas a pool can’t. Integrate one into any landscape design by having it installed either underground or above ground.
  2. Extended Swimming – The cost of heating a large pool can get expensive, so many owners have pools that sit unused during the cold months. A swim spas smaller size and increased insulation allow you to heat it at a fraction of the price it costs to heat a pool, allowing you to swim past the regular swimming season.
  3. Easier to maintain – No need to spend tons of time brushing, vacuuming, and skimming a pool. Swim spas require a lot less maintenance, which can be taken care of quickly each week.
  4. Less expensive – The compact size and type of insulation used means swim spas can cost up to half of the price of a standard swimming pool.


Rely on Swim Spa Experts

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