When Should You Replace Your Spa Cover?

When Should You Replace Your Spa Cover?

When Should You Replace Your Spa Cover?

Spa covers are used to protect your spa from falling debris, help manage your electric costs, and extend the overall life of your spa. Although switching your dated spa cover for a new one is the smartest decision you can make for your spa, there isn’t an exact expiration date that determines when it will need replacing. However, there are some definite signs to look for that indicate when you should replace your spa cover.

Look for Faults

You don’t have to take a magnifying glass to every inch of your spa cover to identify an issue. Simply checking for cracks, tears, or holes in your cover can help determine what state it’s in. Any noticeable wears in the vinyl can allow heat to escape, which can drive your energy costs up. Keep an eye out for added weight or sagging in your cover. If you find that your cover is heavier than it once was, it may have water absorption in the wrong places. This issue can also release heat, while providing room for unwanted debris to enter.

Check for Problems

Sometimes, the biggest spa cover issues aren’t the easiest to spot. Try testing out your straps and locks to make sure that everything is effectively working. Any faults in these mechanics could lead to safety issues for families who are trying to secure their spa. Another commonly unnoticed indicator for replacement occurs near the hinge. A large tear around the outside edge of your spa cover’s hinge can lead to massive heat release.

Smell for Issues

There isn’t a mathematical equation to tell how to smell an issue, but you can often use your nose to know when something is wrong. If your spa cover is giving off worrying odors alongside the issues mentioned above, you can probably count on solving your problems with a replacement cover. However, if you find that smell is the only indicator coming from your spa cover, you may just need to give it a deep cleaning to extend its lifespan.

Where to Find the Right Replacement

If you think your spa cover might need replacing, contact our team at Unique Pools, Spas, & Billiards. We can find a new cover that fits the size, model, and style of your spa and your backyard. For any of your spa cover questions, call us today at (407) 296-6776.

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