Your Backyard Summer Party Essentials

Your Backyard Summer Party Essentials

Backyard Summer Essentials

If you’re hosting a traditional summertime pool party or BBQ, you’ll need some backyard equipment and activities to keep your guests entertained and well fed. Here are some of our unique entertainment essentials that will help take your backyard summer party to the next level.

Big Green Egg Grills

A grill that can also serve as a brick oven for a fresh pizza, the Big Green Egg grill offers a wide variety of meal options — perfect for a summer cookout. From the perfect burger to a fresh apple pie, you can use this grill to satisfy whatever your mood is craving. This amazingly versatile cooker not only acts as a grill, but also a smoker and even an oven. Pleasing your guests with their favorite summer foods is made simple with a Big Green Egg grill.

Billiard Table

You have to have some sort of game to entertain your guests at your backyard summer party, especially if you or your guests have kids. Billiards makes the perfect summer pastime for all ages — keeping the kids occupied and the parents happy! Luckily, each of our billiards collections are unique and serve as a tasteful addition to your backyard barbecue or a decorative piece in your living room.
Unique PSB offers the following collections:

Above Ground Pool

Easy and relaxing, our above ground pools are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You can choose whichever pool fits your space and can fill it with your preferred water type. If you’re looking for a salt water pool, you could go with the Cape Cod pool. If you need a pool to endure the wear and tear of kids, The Seashore would be a great choice for you.
Pools are offered in the following primary styles:

Pool Accessories

We offer a multitude of accessories and cleaning equipment to ensure a successful pool party. So you’ll never have to worry about gunk waiting inside your pool to greet your guests. If you are in a rush to clean up before your guests arrive, then our affordable pool accessories — like the Pool Boy Automatic Cleaner — are lifesavers!

Affordable Party Essentials

Unique Pools, Spas, & Billiards makes hosting a backyard summer party easy! If you really want to throw a party to remember, call us today at 407-296-6776 and we’ll find the right pool, spa, grill, or billiard table fit for you!

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